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Thank you for your interest in Focus on the Family’s Thriving Values™ resource on Religious Freedom!

If you’re like a lot of believers, you may be confused by the rapid changes in our culture, laws and court decisions that shake the very foundation of this First Amendment right.

You’ve got questions. And you need answers.

For example, what do you do when:

  • You want to take some time off from work to attend a religious function, but your employer refuses your request?
  • Your church or religious organization is denied a government benefit or participation in a program that other organizations in the community are entitled to, simply because of your religious identity?
  • Your child’s school informs parents that no religious music will be allowed in the school’s music education curriculum?
  • You're fired from your job after your employer learns you once publicly voiced support for one-man, one-woman marriage?
  • The government orders you, as a business owner, to violate your deepest beliefs concerning the sanctity of life by requiring you to provide possible abortion-causing drugs in your employee health plan?

At such a crucial time, it’s important for Christians to understand our religious freedoms, how they protect us — and how we can protect them.

That’s why we’ve recently updated Thriving Values™ resource: “Religious Freedom: Protecting How We Practice Our Faith.”

This complimentary resource will educate you in the basics of religious freedom in five major areas of society: churches and religious organizations; the military; public schools; the workplace; and the public square.

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