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We’re thrilled that you’re interested in being a part of this history-making, nationwide initiative—Bring Your Bible to School Day! Please take a minute to introduce yourself below and download your FREE how-to guide (including teen, elementary and pastor/parent editions). You’ll also be able to view a special welcome video for participants from Duncan of the Newsboys!

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Note: Why are we asking for this information? Good question! By sharing this information with us, you enable us to more accurately estimate nationwide participation, as well as the percentages of school districts represented. This allows us to provide encouraging feedback to participants and fans.

Requiring the birthdate is also the best way we have found to safeguard minors from getting other information that does not directly pertain to the event, issues and websites they have registered to receive information about.

Other requested contact information allows for the potential to notify you in a timely manner about future campus initiatives that could have a powerful impact on students and their schools!


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