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Thank you for your interest in Focus on the Family’s Thriving Values™ resources!

The winds of change are here. And the definitions of marriage and sexuality are now “winnowing” issues —outside the church community and within.

Christians around the country are being challenged in unprecedented fashion — in the marketplace, in the work place and in the courts — for believing God’s design for marriage and sexuality. So, how should Christians respond to this profound social and political sexual revolution?

Focus on the Family has developed a series of Thriving Values resources to help equip you and your family to speak — confidently, winsomely and biblically — to those who’re uncertain of their beliefs on these hot-button issues.

We encourage you to download our first three in a series of Thriving Values™ complimentary, practical and engaging guides.


These resources address basic questions about homosexuality, the Bible and our culture: What did Jesus say about our sexuality? Is Scripture silent about homosexuality? How should I respond to someone struggling with same-sex attraction? How can the Church respond with grace and truth?

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