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Focus on the Family’s Thriving Values Team is grateful to be your trusted source of information and expert analysis on cultural issues impacting you, your family and your future!


You’ve seen the culture and laws rapidly shift on the issue of homosexuality to the point our very First Amendment freedoms are at risk.

Are you prepared to answer questions and comments that conflict with your biblical worldview?

How would you respond in the following scenarios?

  • Your ninth grader comes home and asks, “Mom, do you think people are born gay?”
  • Your church is having a forum about homosexuality, and a participant states, “A researcher found a gay gene. The issue is settled.”
  • Your homeschooler is doing a report on brains and behavior. He comes across an article saying, “One scientist found homosexuals and heterosexuals have different brain structures.”

You have a gut feeling people are not “born this way,” but the pressure to accept it is making you doubt yourself and your worldview.  Are people really born gay?

Focus on the Family® is here to help you stand strong in your beliefs and thrive in today’s culture.

Like you, we believe homosexuality is one of the most difficult and crucial issues impacting the family today, and there’s a desperate need for accurate — and redemptive — information.

That’s why Focus’ Thriving Values™ team designed a short, yet very useful, resource, “Are People Born Gay? A Look at What the Research Shows and What it Means to You.”

This downloadable resource answers the following questions:

  • Is there a “gay gene”?
  • What about studies on identical twins that report it’s a genetic determination?
  • Do some people have “gay brains”?
  • What conclusions can I draw from this research?

To secure your complimentary copy of “Are People Born Gay?” please follow the instructions below.

And as always, please email us at with any questions or comments you may have.


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We are so encouraged by your desire to learn about this challenging issue.

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